We were really disappointed to find that despite our best efforts our application to the Lottery was turned down…   But after a few weeks of thinking that might be the end of the Collaborative, we decided that we just couldn’t let that happen, so we’ve come up with a plan B!

LEARNING FOR LIFE - After much thinking and discussion, we are now going ahead with a new project and have been putting together a range of one & two day training events, all related to the prevention of suicide and the development of wellbeing, which will be delivered from January 2018.  Courses will be run in different venues across the South West.  Reduced 'early-bird' rates will be available for people who book more than a month in advance, with a number of supported places on each event for people who are on  low incomes or unable to claim from their organisation.   And the added bonus is that any surplus raised will go towards the provision of regional Collaborative Learning Events!   

Look on the home page under LEARNING FOR LIFE to find out details of forthcoming events.

Future topics  will include:

Suicide prevention:

  • Awareness raising - it’s safe to talk about suicide
  • What works well in suicide prevention; national strategies & priorities
  • Supporting GPs in suicide prevention
  • Understanding the possible increased risk of suicide in those who have experienced childhood trauma
  • Different workshops focussing on the needs of particular groups eg  young people, men, refugee groups, farmers, LGBTQ, & others.

Promoting well being

  • Perseverance - sustaining hope & energy in challenging times
  • Wellness Recovery Action Plans
  • Movement, sport & wellbeing
  • Supporting those bereaved by suicide

Building communities

  • Building and developing whole community approaches
  • Working together - towards co-production

Quality improvement

  • Understanding the Model for Improvement
  • Master class in improvement methodology
  • Leading effective projects

We’re keen to hear from you about which courses you would like to see us provide, ideas for trainers or venues, offers of help, etc.  Do get in touch at admin@zerosuicide.co.uk    We look forward to hearing from you! 

Watch this space for more news!