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Self harm & its relation to suicide
An opportunity to explore the link between self harm and suicide.  To learn from research, evidence and best practice in the prevention and management of self harm, and risk reduction.
Professionals in health, care & education and others who wish to understand best approaches to self harm and how to reduce the risk of suicide.
15/16th Feb 18
cost includes one night Dinner, B&B
Persever-ance:  sustaining hope and energy in challenging times
How can we avoid becoming overwhelmed & exhausted in a world that seems increasingly chaotic & harsh?
This is an opportunity to gain strength, hope and skills to persevere, while taking time to enjoy the peace & beauty of Ammerdown.
Anyone wanting to hold on to their energy, determination and integrity.
You may be working alone, or in a group, team, or organisation.  You may be a participant in a group, or a leader.
Ammer-down, Somerset
19/20th Feb 18
Applied Suicide Interven-tion Skills Training (ASIST)
Suicide is often preventable - and ordinary people  can and do save lives.  ASIST is a widely used training approach - join us for an opportunity to learn the skills & help save a life.  
Anyone wanting to develop knowledge, skills and understanding of how to help.  ASIST is widely used both by professionals and the general public
Eastwood Park, Gloucestershire
27th Feb 2018
Mental Health Life Support
An opportunity for health based professionals to develop confidence and skills in working with people who may be at risk of suicide.
Medical & nursing staff, and other front line health professionals
5/6 March 2018
Youth Mental Health First Aid
Explores common mental health challenges for young people, and teaches a 5-step action plan for how to help in both crisis and non-crisis situations. Topics covered include anxiety, depression, substance use, psychosis, challenging behaviour (including AD/HD), and eating disorders.
This course is open to all family members, caregivers, teachers, school staff, peers, health and social care workers, and any others wanting to develop understanding and skills in working with young people
15th March 2018
Childhood trauma & recovery
Develop your understanding of how childhood abuse interrupts a child’s development, shapes personality & affects ways of coping in adulthood.  Also why some who experience complex trauma may feel ‘life isn’t worth living’. Explore how best to support a person at that most difficult time.
Anyone working with or supporting people who may have experienced childhood trauma.
19th April 2018
Working together: towards co-production
An opportunity to reflect on the benefits & challenges of working together, and to develop practical ways of building constructive partnerships.
Anyone wanting to develop truly collaborative working across professional boundaries and with patients, service users, families and citizens.
Eastwood Park, Gloucestershire
To be confirmed
What we know about suicide & how to prevent it.  
Looking at the evidence of what is known & how this can help practice, and ensuring our efforts & energies are focused in the best possible ways. How quality improvement tools can & do help
Anyone wanting to develop their understanding of what works in suicide prevention
To be confirmed
To be confirmed
Confidentiality & the consensus statement
An opportunity to learn more about confidentiality, information sharing, and the value of the Consensus statement in saving lives.  The role of parents and other carers in information sharing & decision making.
Health & social care professionals and others wanting to develop constructive and respectful approaches to this challenging topic.
To be confirmed
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A number of supported places will be available on each course for people on low incomes.