Untreated depression and other mental health problems create an environment of despair that leads some people to utilising unhealthy coping methods.

When you get to the point of self-injury, solutions are out of sight and out of mind. You feel isolated and disconnected from everything and everybody. People who self-injure are trying to preserve their life not end it, it’s a coping method to deal with painful emotional feelings.

Self-harming behaviour covers a wide range of short term coping methods for everyday life problems, which may have long-term harmful consequences.

Self-injury may be a coping method, but it is different from illicit and or legal drug abuse. The desperation and feelings of being trapped in one’s situation is all encompassing and suicide is often considered, but self-injury is a coping method to deal with those thoughts and feelings, it’s self-preservation.

CIREN Self-Help Project will support clients to achieve goals they most want to attain.

We aim to offer the following;

Life Support Investment Service: Accept Adapt Attain.

Once assessed, clients are offered 36 support solutions. They just need to choose between 3-7 options depending on their needs/ and history. We will be on hand to assist if needed.

People that have suffered long term mental health problems may need more support and will be given the opportunity to work through all 36 support solutions.

We aim to make their recovery journey enjoyable, constructive and enlightening.

This service is only available Mondays until correct funding has been obtained.

Family & Friends Support

Monthly group meetings for family and friends to come together and share experience and solutions.

SUS Group

Monthly group meetings for clients to get together for Supported Understanding & Sharing

Discussing life experience, difficulties and successes.

Free Bite Size Training 

To advance public education in the causes, effects, treatment and rehabilitation of individuals that self-harm. Encouraging Positive beliefs and behaviours, creating positive outcomes for workers and clients

Our team is made up of people that have self-harmed or have experienced a close family member that self-harmed, that’s why we are so committed and passionate about the work we do.

We provide support, education and practical advice for adults over 18 years old and that are experiencing issues with self-harming behaviour.

Contact us if you would like to know more and join our service, and learn new constructive and innovative ways to help yourself.

Sue Ozolins

CIREN Self-help Project

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Mobile 0755 210 2055