BUILDING PARTNERSHIPS FOR LIFE -  Can you help to put us in touch with any local firms or organisations who you think might be interested in supporting us?   I was delighted last week when ICE HOUSE DESIGN  in Bath offered to design our new training leaflet for us.  Many thanks to Jack and Les for their generous offer.

We have very little money left to keep us going while we set up our new projects - so any and all contributions or ideas will be extremely welcome!  Click here to donate - or email us with your ideas for fundraising at 

  • £25 would pay for us to print 250 leaflets
  • £50 would help us to provide a supported place on a training event for someone who was unwaged
  • £75 would let us print a set of handouts for a training day
  • £100 would enable us to put down a deposit on a venue for a training day
  • £300 would let us do some of the vital updates to the website
  • £1000 would enable us to plan another regional Learning event in the autumn
  • £3000 would allow us to make another film to help spread successful projects across and beyond the region.  
  • £5000 would give us some security to begin to plan further events, as well as ensuring that key staff within the Collaborative can be paid for their time. 

Each and every contribution will go towards helping us to save lives across the South West.  We make no profit, and all funds raised will go towards suicide prevention.      Thank you!  Your support and your contribution make a big difference.